First redrawing since 100 years...

New illustrated icon for a brand identity revamp.

The brand:
KAISER-NATRON is one of Germany’s oldest household brands, well known to many for its healing effects. It is used in detoxification and healthy cooking, as well as for hygiene and beauty. The environmentally friendly home remedy baking soda(sodium bicarbonate)replaces numerous commercially available products at a reasonable price. In the household, the non-toxic baking soda is used, among other things, as an all-purpose cleaner, in the kitchen as a raising agent, in cosmetics for vitalization.

My challenge:
Against the background of an overly complex illustration on the old original package, it was necessary to minimize design elements and focus on a contemporary, classic representation of the “Nymph”.  My result picks up on the context of the original template, at the same time it enables better recognizability and can thus assert itself on the market in a new guise for further decades.

Creative direction/ packaging designs: GROSSE LIEBE Kommunikationsagentur GmbH,  Hamburg