Albert Morell

Albert Morell

Graphic Artist & Illustrator


My name is Albert, I am a skilled graphic artist and illustrator, specialised in creating distinctive illustrative brand icons, key visuals and corporate identity logos for a variety of acknowledged clients in the international design and advertising industry.


My expertise enables me to produce individually crafted, bespoke artworks that are identifiable and visually readable. My illustrative work aims to add value, uniqueness and impact to any brand & corporate identity, packaging design or publication by helping to create an emotional link to a brand or product.


Besides inspiration, passion and specialist skills, a swift understanding, precise communication and reliability are key to complete a design project successfully. Endowed by a wealth of experience, gained over years of collaboration with an array of designers, brand strategists and corporate identity experts, my knowledge about the working processes in creative agencies and design houses is a helpful and valuable asset.


As a motivated provider of my illustrative services, I am always keen to guarantee the efficient and smooth course of a project at all times, from the briefing and idea development until the completion and delivery of the finalised digital artwork.


I am very interested in, and open to collaboration with, international design firms, advertising & branding houses, smaller design teams and with individual creative directors.