About This Project

The brief: New iconic “Atlas” logo for UK`s leading popcorn brand Butterkist


The context: London based brand strategists BrandOpus were appointed by Tangerine Confectionary for a whole redesign of the established brand, reflecting Butterkist`s long-standing association with the world of film and cinema. Created in America in 1914, Butterkist first shipped it`s machines across the Atlantic and into UK cinemas in 1938 and still remains just as popular today, firmly established as the nation`s favourite popcorn.


What I did: My challenge was to create a kneeling Atlas, lifting up a piece of popcorn which contains the initials BKP. The allover look refers to the bygone era of hollywood cinema theaters in all their glory. The new icon has been implemented on a range of products for about 5 years and just recently rebranded again, so my Atlas logo had a short life unfortunately.