About This Project

The brief: Redrawing of iconic beer logo for on-pack use.


The context: Cardinal was a brewery founded in 1788, located in Fribourg, Switzerland. The brewery was acquired by Switzerland largest brewery Feldschlösschen in 1991 and later merged with the beer conglomerate Carlsberg Group. The Cardinal beer brand has proven very popular on the Swiss market, started creating further sub-ranges and has undergone several brand redesigns in recent years. On this project, german brand experts at Peter Schmidt Group asked me to recreate the classic „moment d`amitié“ or „under friends“ key visual, depicting two friends celebrating the moment with a glass of beer. The designers at PSG created a whole new packaging concept, with embedding my redrawn version in a round label, renamed by the new titel „Moments authentiques“.


What I did: The client felt unease with the heavy woodcut-style of the vintage icon, which tended to fill in while printed in very small size and hence required a simplification. It was important to retain the main character and idea behind the old drawing.