About This Project

The brief: Creating a family of on-pack illustrations for pain reliever.


The context: Dolormin is a popular German pharmaceutical brand, specialised in the production of medicine remedies for pain relief under the roof of the Johnson&Johnson corporation. The creative directors of Hamburg based brand stategist Syndicate Design called me to provide some additional works for the latest Dolormin packaging redesign.


What I did: In order to emotionalize the general look and feel of their new packaging designs, Syndicate developed a key visual which is a sort of glass ball in various colours to differentiate the product from each other. It also symbolizes the fast relief effect of the medicine. I created a family of individual linedrawings for each product to be integrated into the designs. A very decent and reduced linedrawing style fitted in best, depicting people in various forms of suffering pain from migraine, menstrual and back pain to flu and fever.