About This Project

The brief: Crest redrawing and creation of benefit-icon-illustrations for the “Dunhill Signed Range” cigar box.


The context: The Dunhill cigar business was founded in London in 1907 and became famous for purveying tobacco to society figures and members of Great Britains Royal Family. The classic „Dunhill Signed Range“ wooden box contains a choice of ten different medium-to-full-bodied cigars. Made in Nicaragua and containing premium tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Cameroon, offering cigar lovers the chance to experience the superior taste, silky flavor and rich complexity that are the hallmarks of the Dunhill brand. London based brand experts at WebbdeVlam developed a successful makeover of the wooden box in 2014.


What I did: In order to enhance the overall „premium“ look and feel of quality, tradition and tobacco expertise, I had the pleasure to modernize/redraw the old Dunhill Lion crest. Main task was to simplify the lions, the shield & crown in a normal and a reversed version. All lines and details needed to be checked various times in order to balance out the right spacing and to make it work for print in small sizes.


Branding, packaging & concept by WebbdeVlam