About This Project

The brief: Creation of a fragrance brand icon.


The context: Hamburg based branding consultants PSBZ are successfully overlooking parts of the brand identity and packaging designs for their client Mäurer & Wirtz, owners of the popular German leading fragrance brand 4711.
The Original Eau de Cologne is one of the worlds most famous scents and a brand that is recognized and treasured by generations. Besides producing the 4711 Eau de Cologne, the house regularly surprises with a range of new scents and fragrance developments, targeting younger customers with a fresh and modern message.
The birthplace and over 200 years old motherhouse of the brand, on Cologne`s Glockengasse, received a classy interior revamp in 2017, in order to provide a contemporary styled Flagship store within the walls of the traditional house.


What I did: The design-team developed the idea to use a depiction of the iconic house as a sign of origin, refering to the brand tradition and heritage. They asked me to create a very minimalised redrawing of the building, later to be combined with the brand identity claim „House of 4711“.
My challenge was to provide the artwork, crafted in a very clean and precise style, enabling instant recognizability as well as allowing a good printability for any usage in very small sizes.