About This Project

The brief: To illustrate a Airedale terrier.


The context: New British menswear label Patria, launched in November of 2017, is a company run by veterans and their family members to help generate revenue for the three largest military charities in the UK: The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, ABF the Soldier’s Charity and The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Currently available are luxury products like merino knitwear, handmade footwear, sweatshirts, cashmere scarfs and hats. The project is committed to use crowdsourcing and offer British luxury goods to consumers at consistently the best value in the market, having the lowest environmental impact due to onshore manufacturing and a low carbon footprint. Patria founder & CEO Richard Thackray asked for my assistance in creating a distinctive brand logo. It aims to celebrate the life of Jack, an Airedale Terrier trained at the British War Dog School in WW1. Established in 1917 by Lieutenant Colonel E. Hautenville Richardson, the school trained dogs to serve in the trenches. Initially taking on the hazardous duty of delivering messages, they went on to serve as sentries, scouts, and casualty and mercy dogs. In the latter role, they were so successful that the British Red Cross started to deploy them too. Jack was one of 20.000 dogs that served in the British Army in the Great War


What I did: My challenge was, to get the characteristic Airedale Dog look right, it took a while to achieve outlining his typical body posture and to create a recognizable silhouette with it’s curly, unruly coat details.