About This Project

The brief: To create a new iconic Eskimo icon.


The context: Berentzen Group is a German alcoholic beverage producer, with its first destillery founded back in 1758. Over the years, the company created many popular sub-ranges, mainly containing liquors & spirits. One of their popular brands is the fruity vodka beverage called POLAR LIMES. Beside the taste variation of Strawberry and Maracuja, this drink have to be served icy cold, straight out of the fridge. During the rebranding process of the the whole range, the designers of Hamburg based brand strategist Lothar Böhm Associates requested my services in order to create a new illustrated Eskimo key visual.


What I did: My challenge was to create a open and friendly looking female eskimo icon, her face protected with the typical fur hood. The allover look had to be recognizable, not too detailed, in order to fit in well with the labelling design of the bottles. The icon also had to work well within the POLAR typeface, where the icon was implemented instead of the letter „O“.