About This Project

The brief: Redrawing a crest for traditional Bavarian dairy brand.


The context: Weihenstephan is one of the oldest German dairy brands, with its origins dating back some several hundred years. To this day, excellent quality through high-grade raw materials and firstclass processing is the ambitious concept behind the products supplied by Weihenstephan dairy. Weihenstephan, with its very successful “blue line“ has been part of the Müller Group dairy conglomerate since 2000. More than 200 million kilograms of milk are processed annually to make high-quality dairy products like UHT milk and butter. A total brand and packaging makeover was accomplished by brand strategist Lothar Böhm Associates in 2007.


What I did: The design team asked me to modernize the outdated crest icon, reduce shapes, simplify the fussy lions and to give it a more temporary look. Retaining the recognizabilty of both the two lions in combination with the shield with rhombic patterns was important, as the crests origins are related to the bavarian national coat of arms.