Keep calm and hop on !

Project:The Munich based brand identity design consultants at „Zeichen & Wunder“ are responsible for the branding of the VAILLANT GROUP, Germany’s leading company for producing high-efficiency solutions in heating, energy-saving ventilation and air conditioning technology.

They asked me to assist with the rejuvenation of the iconic and beloved Vaillant Rabbit brand logo, which have been redesigned various times since the first „Rabbit in an egg“ draft of 1899.

It was a pleasure to join the Z&W design-team and be trusted in helping to refine and slightly simplify details of the Rabbit’s face shape and form. The focus was to maintain the open and friendly facial expression, without losing a degree of similarity to the previous logo version. And finally, to get rid of the 3-D look for good.

Use: One major technical factor to consider was, to create one single version of the logo, for a unified use in various printing techniques, such as chrome electroforming, steel embossing, laser engraving and digital print on lacquered casings, for a multitude of Vaillant products and packagings.

All conceptual ideas/overall brand identity design by Zeichen & Wunder